1. F

    Member around Bournemouth?

    Hi there, I'll be living in Bournemouth soon and I was hoping maybe someone on this board lives around there? I was especially thinking about someone with technical skills who can teach me a bit when he's working on his car. I'll happily help working on the car for free (or a beer or so :D)...
  2. LuPix_S15

    Got bored so called local model...

    Hey folks :wave: By chance we had some good weather this week (dry means good lol) so thought I'd call Corrine and get some pics done with Silvia. Apologies if anyone thinks I've lowered the tone in this forum :wack: but I'm still trying to advance my photography skills shooting cars and got a...
  3. mint

    2x s15's almost wiped out!

    Mad tyte JDM Dori Skills that kills y0! :smitten:
  4. Yakozan

    Video: How to draw a car in MS paint

    something for you Topper :) Some really mad skills this person has.
  5. Topper

    Microsoft Picture Manager

    As some of you know i'm quite handy with Microsoft Paint :wack: However...... i have been using Microsoft Picture manager and my skills have been made to look even better :D :rolleyes: Mrs Topper loves the Pink :D \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ :wave:
  6. Topper

    Street Drifting

    Highly illegal in every country i imagine, and is by no means endorsed by the club. But boy got skills - Clicky :wave: :EDIT: to say its 15 mintes long and not the same all the way through.