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Member around Bournemouth?



Hi there, I'll be living in Bournemouth soon and I was hoping maybe someone on this board lives around there?

I was especially thinking about someone with technical skills who can teach me a bit when he's working on his car. I'll happily help working on the car for free (or a beer or so :D), the main point is I'd like to get "mechanics skills", so once I'll have my own car I could do some things myself. So far all I ever did on a car was changing wheels :(

Would be cool if it's an S15 or S14, but any other car would do, as most tasks are probably similar. Anyways, I'm likely to learn something :)

Would love to hear from anyone :)

P.S.: In holidays or for a weekend I'd also travel to somewhere else in UK, if there's something exciting going on, like some bigger kind of project... :cool: