1. S

    19" wheels on S15?

    Does anyone have any pictures of S15's with tasteful, nicely fitted 19" wheels? Considering doing a set on mine. Hate wheel gap so I want to do a 19" wheel and slam the car giving it an aggressive, but functional look. Thoughts?
  2. M

    Body panels

    Hey all anyone know where i can buy a slam panel for my s15 Thanks
  3. fez06

    WTB: carbon slam panel cover and spark plug cover

    As above let me know if you have one or know of any cheers
  4. tooley

    New Pic of the 15 (couldnt miss this photogeneric opportunity)

    Parked up behind my step dads house in wales the weekend as i came back to the car i took a pic since the background was wicked :D Cant wait unitll i get the advans painted white and slam her on coilovers!
  5. DeanS15

    anyone got a cusco slam panel

    hey guys, im after a generous someone to draw around thier cusco slam panel on to a piece of card for me so that i can send it off to a manufacturer who will produce them in polished stainless for a fraction of the price. i was going to ask to be lent one if there is someone not using thiers...
  6. S


    Hi All, :wave: :wave: Just wonderin is there any members goin 2 the Slam next week, hopefully lookin forward to meetin some of you Irish S15 owners, should be good.