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    is this release bearing fitted right? plese help !!

    im changing the clutch on the s15 im at the release bearing for the 6 speedbox. i knocked out the old release bearing without giving it much thought, then i put on the new one, where it sits now there is a shoulder but looking at it it looks like it needs to go back on the sleeve further...
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    Front lower inner bushes.

    Fitted some front lower inner poly' bushes today. (Apex Performance) S14 fit! With these, you need to leave the standard sleves in, so no need to press anything out.... easiest way to sort these... drill out as much of the standard bush, between the inner sleeve and outer.... then..... in a...
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    Momo Handbrake

    OK, False Economy strikes again. The "Enzo" handbrake sleeve I bought on Ebay like 4 months ago (?30) has completely fallen to pieces and I'm going out on a local 'pistonheads' run on Sunday so I want my car to look it's best, inside and out. Anyone know where I can quickly get a Momo handbrake...