1. J

    WTB: Drivers mirror glass

    Just had mirror smashed :mad: Anyone got one or know where to get them ? Cheers
  2. tooley

    WTB: Passenger front window smashed help :D

    Smashed.......... need a replacement asap! Help
  3. sliding-r

    S15 tow hooks

    Who's done them and where do you get them? need to get some as I have a new front rear bumper that will get smashed if I tried to use original positions. Cheers..
  4. G

    How to hotwire an MR2!!

    well lads, i know this seems crazy and it got frowned upon on the MR2 forum but heres my story: woke up thursday mornin to find my MR2 in the carpark with passenger window smashed, driver side rear window smashed, stereo robbed, gps robbed, driving licence robbed, and worst of all my ignition...