1. Lil SpecR


    I know everyone raves about Horsham BUT is there any where midlands or North anyone can recommend? I commute 180 miles a day going South and tbh the thought of having to make that journey THEN some toward London puts shivers down my spine haha, going North makes me smile :love: Obviously if...
  2. SX2002

    Hi Giys

    Hi to all, more of a re introduction, haven't been here for some years my "Happy Birthday" message so I thought I'd drop in and say Hi...:smile:
  3. pegliobaglio

    Turbo tractor

    Had to share this just put a massive smile in my face!! Sent from peglio's iPhone
  4. kimi

    Time has come to say "Goodbye"

    Today i waved goodbye to my S15 :wave: :cry: not sure what to say :( has gone to a guy on here who was looking for one, so he should still be around. I have had 7 wonderful years of ownership, its been so much fun & has never failed to make me smile :D its been ultra reliable,never...
  5. Yakozan

    S15 in Kumho TV add :)

    Spotted a M-sports kitted pewter S15 in a TV add for Kumho tires yesterday. Think it was Eurosport or something. Was quite shocked and brought a big smile to my face to see a S15 on Swedish television. Has anyone else seen it? Is it an old add?