1. M

    Anybody can tell what size wheels and offset are these??

    Hi, Here's the beauty... I want this wheel setup so bad....:smitten:
  2. S

    WTB: Nissan Silvia tail light

    Hi i really need a new set of tail lights i broke my right lamp today :annoyed: Does someone have a pair to sell to me? :mad::confused: :smitten:
  3. E

    Unused front kit trial version

    Hi anything want to trade with my kit? Anybody interested?? Just text me up.. :smitten:
  4. G

    Hello from France

    Hey girls & guys, I'm French and my name is Guillaume. I don't still have s15 But I think it more and more :rolleyes: My dream is a white s15 specR Aero :smitten: Is what there is French owners here? ps: sorry for my english:o
  5. Dan H

    It's coming!

    Finally got one in auction today :D I've just been to the bank to pay for it, and can't wait for it to get here :smitten: It's an almost standard 1999 spec R aero :D :D :D
  6. S

    body kit help!?

    hi has any one got one of these kits Uras S15 TYPE 5 bodykit in Pewter? :smitten: and how hard are they to fit :confused:(any cuting needed.ect)
  7. mint

    My TAS09 Photo's

    Got around 2500 Photo's to sort through from the week's holiday! More of part 1 here : Part 2 : Random'ness More of part 2 here :
  8. mint

    2x s15's almost wiped out!

    Mad tyte JDM Dori Skills that kills y0! :smitten:
  9. mint

    hmm... s13+s15 = s??

    well.. what you guys think? :smitten: :thumbs: / :down:
  10. G

    Gunner93's Lightning Bolt

    Hi All, :wave: This is my humble lightning bolt, had it for 10 months now. :D I just had the front bar done up after taken a slight knock last week. :rolleyes: Managed to snapped some pics under the afternoon hot sun - not the best of time to take pics. Anyway, we have M/S photo editor to do...
  11. kimi

    Gramlights Time Attack

    We had a sample new wheel in yesterday at work, i think its :smitten: Thought i'd share it with you What do you guys think ?
  12. mint

    Mints S15!!!

    :thumbs::smitten: lol :smitten:
  13. T

    WTB: S15 BB tubby 99-00.....

    As title suggests in need of a T28 BB tubby off the early S15's if anyone has one. Or just keep your ears open for one. OR possibly this may be the chance for a GT2871................:smitten:
  14. M

    23/8/06 Hong Kong S15 BBQ meeting

    :wave: :smitten:
  15. M

    Hi everyone! My car is renew a new face.

    Hi This is the new face for my S15. This front aero is hand make to charge the style. :nod: :smitten: