1. Juicesif

    smoke buff when changing gears

    Hi all, I am getting a puff of smoke out of the exhaust whenever I change gears .. Any body come across this before ? Any ideas to what might be causing the issue ? Thank you Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. S

    blue smoke

    Hi sorry if its been covered , but I need some thoughts I have a 01 spec r blows blue smoke on start up once its warm and sorta clears when driving till I decell and then take off boom smokes again when on highway it seems clear , it did it with old turbo so I replaced that a week ago still...
  3. R

    turbo gone??

    hey all went out this morning and car was fine, went to shop, wen came back out and started up was a very rough idle and sounded like a scooby, managed to get home, felt like lacking some power, but noticed blue smoke appearing, switched off, opened the bonnet and some blue smoke was drifting...
  4. S

    White smoke and oil smells like gas.....

    So since I got my tax disk finally, I took my car out for a little drive. I've noticed the white smoke coming from the exhaust before. When I got back home, I checked the oil. When I pulled out the dipstick, the oil was a cloudy brown. I rubbed some of the oil between my finders and it...
  5. FaberNZ.blaaack-S15

    white smoke ..?

    Ok I have heaps of white smoke pouring out my exhaust after long like 2hr ish drives boosting alot. It never happens normally only when i'm driving for a long time. It happens when i stop and its idling but fine when i start driving now i don't think and would be really surprised if its the head...
  6. fadli256

    Blue smoke at idle

    I noticed I have bluish smoke coming out of my exhaust during idle. But, it comes and goes only for such a short period. Im still on stock turbo with almost 70k mileage. Really hope its not my turbo :S heeeeeeeeeeelp!!
  7. A

    Exhaust Blowing White Smoke :(

    Just bought my first 200sx s15 hey guys, i just purchased my first 200sx s15 2002 spec-r 6-speed manual with 105,000kms, now when i was driving the car back, an hours worth drive, i pulled up at a set of lights and white smoke started coming out the back, until i accelerated off, where can i...
  8. Topper

    Blue Smoke

    Had some bubbling sound in the engine, I have now got the two fans strapped to the rad working via a Revotec controller, had the car idling, when the fans kicked in smoke started to come from the exhaust, adjusted the Revotec to stop the fans, but the smoke continued. Any thoughts?
  9. A

    Another Lightningbolt

    :wave: Hola Chums, Im Ryan, aged 22, living in Malaysia and i just got hold of my s15 spec-r about 4months ago. Im so happy i found this forum as its in english and multi-national. Hope to contribute in the best way i can. Unfortunately as my darling was stolen last week but thankfully...