1. Limitless Imports

    *Dmax LED taillights Group Buy*

    Seeing as ive had a fair few requests for these over the last few weeks I thought I'd set up a group buy on them. There's two options available Smoked or 50/50 crystal. There are others but not as nice and are alot more. Group buy price includes shipping and taxes so the price below is all you...
  2. H

    FS: 2 rear lights, 1 clear, 1 smoked

    2 rear lights, one smoked, one not: I'm not sure what make the smoked one is but the clear one's from 'epracing'. Clear: £50 Smoked: £30 Collection from Woking, Surrey
  3. B

    WTB: WTB: S15 Yashio Factory Genuine Smoked Tail Lights

    As per thread title, Need to be in excellent condition, genuine yashio factory, and the genuine smoked version. Pm me if you have a set and let me know how much youre asking... Cheers, Benji
  4. Luke

    WTB: Smoked Lights

    Hi people Has anyone got smoked or normal yashio LED lights for sale in the uk
  5. vengee*

    WTB: S15 OEM tail lights

    Hi! Im lookin for original s15 tail lights or smoked lights in good condition. I was searchin for Yashio smoked led lights, but they have been discontinued. :cry: If anyone have them for sale, im here for ya :nod: need them asap with shipping to Slovenia. Please send your offers with price...
  6. S

    Photoshop help Please!!!

    Hi all. Could someone please help me by photoshopping my car with different wheel colours. Ive tried many different times to photoshop pics in the past, and im useless! cant get the hang of it. Would be interested in seeing what the car would look like with smoked chrome, black, and silver...
  7. 70YSR

    Yashio led tail lights, smoked vs clear

    Hey guys i am really keen on the yashio led tail lights, just wondering if anyone has seen/or has a blue s15 with clear or smoked yashio lights, i'm not sure which way i want to go yet as i'm not exactly sure how they would look on my car. opinions would be great... and if someone has any for...
  8. C

    FS: Nismo smoked side repeaters

    Pair of brand new Nismo smoked side repeaters to fit S15's. Pics will follow shortly. I got them from Nengun earlier this year, but have since changewd my mind about fitting them £35 delivered
  9. C

    Pic Request - Pewter S15 with smoked Yashio's

    As title really - Pics of pewter S15's with the smoked Yashio factory tail lights :) (or someone with superior Photoshop skills than myself!) I've got clear ones ATM, but maybe want to swap to the smoked style but want to see what they look like before spending my monies...
  10. M

    FS: origin smoked rear lights

    anyone want to swap my origin smoked rear lights for red and clears??or il sell mine for decent offers:thumbs:
  11. B

    FS: FS: S15 Tail Lights (smoked round lens)

    I'm selling a set of used but excellent condition S15 Tail lights which have a smoked finished and round lenses. Price - ?140 + P&P or buyer to collect
  12. mint

    OEM Smoked Silvia badge

    Rear badge guys, the "Silvia" one thats like smoked black, where can get one of these new from? Boot's away in to get sprayed in a couple of weeks so wanna get one ^_^ arigato
  13. M

    WTB: Driver's side smoked rear light

    A long shot I know, but I have one, maybe someone has the other?:D I've got a passenger's side smoked rear Lexus style light unit, and am looking for it's brother so I can fit them to my car because all the cool kids have them :cool::wack:
  14. J

    For the benefit of Topper!

    ... and anyone else who's a bit nosey! ;) The Skyline I'm getting is 1996 ECR33 GTS2.5t! Spec2. So an RB25 block in the R33 chassis. All the usual stuff including HICAS. Car has 68k miles on it. Has been lowered but on stock equipment I think. White, as you can see from the pics. The Spec2...