1. Chriscooke

    FS: Snap on 1/2 drive impact gun

    Snap on 18v 1/2 inch drive impact gun. I've had this a while and didn't really want to sell it but needs must especially as I got a newer version for Christmas. Don't know too much about its history before I got it but it works well and both batteries hold charge, charger works as it...
  2. Parky

    FS: Raid Snap off / quick release boss

    Bought this off a fella on DW, and can't use it with my Nardi horn button so no point keeping it, nice bit of kit though. Here's the original for sale ad: "Raid snap off boss (not a cheap bit of kit) I have used many snap off bosses and the only two I trust for build quality are these and the...
  3. M

    Number plate holder

    Hi guys, does any know if u can by the rear number plate holders? mine had decided to snap, if I can remember I think they are wielded on ?
  4. S

    FS: Gear knob, snap off boss and bucket seat

    Unnamed snap off boss, £50 I have this super rare east bear racing bucket seat for sale! its in pretty good condition with only a little tare to the fabric on the rear (as seen in pic) i want 120 just the seat rail SOLD
  5. Nickichi

    Coilpack Bolts

    well royally screwed this up:furious: was trying to confirm my sparkplugs so i could get a colder version from the local motor shop over the upcoming weekend now I've carried out the FBU on my car (nicer having a consent 0.9 Bar instead of it surging). Instead i managed to snap off the bolt...
  6. S15AK

    Aftermarket Steering wheel options?

    Hi Guys, Going to treat myself to a new steering wheel for japfest, now I think it will have to be Nardi and probably the Deep Corn type but not sure about depth. So just asking what you guys have had over the years and what sits best. Also thinking I might fancy a snap off boss, but then I...
  7. mint

    Give the dog a bone..

    aww yeah, got Spook's a bone today so figured id snap some pics of how chuffed she was lmao! :p
  8. mint

    Silvia bros

    Howdy folkies!, my best mate just got himself a s-body (s14a) the other week!! He's loving it and with us both having a day off today we thought we'd wash the motor's up at mine then head up for a couple of snaps! We both have big plans for the s's however money is a bit 'short' for us both. So...
  9. S

    Snap Off Wheels !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    As above has anyone on here got a snap off steering wheel fitted on their s15, i want to get one and was looking for some advice