1. Nickichi

    Snow Day

    Can't find my car anywhere, just about as bad as loosing the keys although im betting all the aus members here are wishing it was a bit cooler, a bit of snow might help put out the bush fires :D
  2. Cris69

    FS: 18inch wheels for sale

    selling these's as i have new ones now :) they are 18x7 im not 100% sure if they are 7 or 7.5 but will find out after christmas now 5x114.3 4 x tyres with 7mm tred (budget) but never had a problem wet or snow!! if anyone is intrested ill get them more info asap!! they are all good condition...
  3. tooley

    Auto test - Snow S15 + S13 = fun

    YouTube - Snow auto test slalom YouTube - S15 Auto test snow rhys s13 boot view :D jamiw k driving YouTube - Jamie k driving rhys s13 auto test snow YouTube - Auto test s13 boot snow
  4. K

    Snow and Ice

    After a whole week off work with the school closures - I am now having to go into work tomorrow. My S15 has snow tyres on it, and as an auto it has a snow mode. Has anyone else been out in their S15's since the snow came? How are you finding it?! The Rasheen would be much better, it has been...
  5. K

    What do you think of the Nissan...

    Rasheen! :ghey: We've just got one, not my choice but I am looking forward to having this for the winter! (with snow tyres on it we'll never get stuck muhahaha) I kinda like how it looks totally ugly, and bizzare, and yet will turn some heads, as nobody is going to know what the hell it is...
  6. Nicely

    Winter in Helsinki

    As some of you know, I moved to Finland last October. Some of you may think 'why', while other may wonder what it's like and there will be some asking where the fook Finland is?! :p I can tell you it's one of the least populated and cleanest countries in the world. It's also a great place to...
  7. C

    Snow in the UK

    Im sure there are a few of you in the UK who have been hit by the snow so just thought Id see if anyone has taken any pics of their S15s in it, heres a couple of mine on the drive as I cant get out today:
  8. B

    which colour would you choose?

    If you were going to choose between 2 identical s15s, one snow white and one gun metal grey, which would you choose?
  9. B

    Pearl white or snow white

    If you were to buy or spray an s15 white, would you prefer snow white or pearl white? I have a choice of 2 S15s I have imported. They are both very similar mechanically though one is a standard body which would require a bit of money to put a kit on If wanted while the other already has a kit...
  10. C1TPT

    Snow!!! :)

    Hi everyone, Just thought i'd post up to see if anyone else has had a snow day!? I went out and measured just under 6 inches! The car is staying at home but i'm going out for a play ;) lol
  11. mint

    Mints s15 + Snow = FTL!

    Well this morning was lame.. i start work at like half 5 and you'll notice its now 05:38 and im still at home! >_< Was up around half 3 to make sure i had enough time to scrape the snow off the motor etc.. well as soon as i got out the wee driveway i was faced with probally the worlds smallest...
  12. mint

    Winter's here...

    well well well.. wrong time of the year to buy the s15 so it looks eh lol. Went out to the car tonight the rain on the side was ice. Forcast snow... fantastic! I havent had the time to get the thing under sealed yet either (next week i think) I bought a local paper aswell today to find me a...
  13. E

    Pics of my new beater for Winter... 7cm of snow yesterday!

    With winter coming I decided the Silvia needs to stay inside warm and safe.. Picked up this little toy for driving in the snow... (note: child included for scale purposes :) )
  14. J

    A drift on my drifter!

    Some pics from the snow...
  15. Nicely


    Had about 5cm of snow this morning! Quite a rarity in Salisbury, as most snow bypasses us. Something to do with the magical repelling aura surrounding Stonehenge....probably... :p :wack: Its melting here now, but its much more severe in north Wiltshire. As I'm working in Swindon at the mo, and...