1. jp

    Open Event: SXOC/S15oc/ UBER-meet!!! 23rd Aug 2008

    SXOC/S15oc/ UBER-meet!!! 24th Aug 2008 Hi everyone, as we've invited a good few clubs along to join the SXOC trackday on the 29th of September I figured it'd be good to have an uber-sized meet beforehand for all the clubs to meet up, say hi, have some banter & ask any questions that...
  2. jp

    Open Event: SXOC (Ireland) Trackday - Sept 29th 2008

    Hi everyone! :wave: The SXOC (Nissan 200SX Owners' Club) in Ireland are having a trackday & would like to extend the invite to your good selves. :) We're inviting the Irish Rotary Owners Club (IROC) and ( along as well to help make up the numbers and keep the overall...