1. richy200

    solonoid by the rad, what is it?

    Hi guys, my s15 has a solonoid (looks like a boost solonoid and has boost going to it i think) on the left hand side of the top of the rad (facing the car). There is a pipe that comes from the plenum to this solonid and then it comes out of this solonoid and goes into the carbon canister i...
  2. B

    Wooohooo no more vvt rattle

    My car used to make the dreaded vvt rattle when it was started up from warm,it was fine when cold but on warm start ups it would rattle until I put it in gear and engaged the clutch it would then stop and not come back until the next warm start.Today I fitted this A brand new vvt solonoid...
  3. B

    VVT Solonoid

    Been reading up about the VVT rattle that these cars suffer from,and was wondering if it was worth buying a new solonoid for mine rather than the sprocket to see if this cures it.Mine only rattles on start up and even then it doesn't always do it,it never rattles at idle once warm (or if you put...