1. S

    Exhaust manifold heat shield.

    I've had a bit of an issue with my exhaust manifold causing the paint to bubble on my bonnet and now I'm having the car fully resprayed would like to find a solution :love: Are there any exhaust heat shields available on the market? I've seen heat shields for the ABS system but need something...
  2. 2fst4u

    Oil Catch Can Solutions

    I've spent about 3 hours trying to look into this. What is the best solution to prevent blow-by in the engine case? By best solution I'm implying leaving out expensive external pumping options. Which rocker cover hoses can go where? And where should the catch can be placed (I.E, between which...
  3. F

    Seat Mounting - High

    Hi there .. I have a small problem. I'm round about 1,85-1,90 Drifing with the Driftworks / Cobra Seats with the Driftworks Seat Rails. I already modified them on the driver side to sit arround 1cm deeper ... but i'm still to high with my head :) Anyone has a good solution for me, how to go...
  4. NICKO

    Part number request for mounts

    Im in need of both left and right double din stereo mounting plates for my S15 to fit my dvd head unit but have had a right pain trying to find them, so ive come to one solution buy them from nissan, so does anyone have the part numbers for both of them, cheers :)
  5. C

    Flywheel bolts

    I've got an ACT organic clutch and ACT Prolite flywheel ready to go in at the weekend, but after Nissan quoteing me £70 for the 8 bolts, is there another solution? I've read on SXOC that people re-use the original bolts, but are s15 bolts useable with a ACT fly? Cheers fellas
  6. S

    Boot Lid Spring tension adjustment?

    I recently removed the wing / spoiler from my Spec R GT , and since there is less weight on the bootlid it springs open at a rapid rate. Not such a problem if you unlock it with the Key but its a bit of a PITA if you open it from the drivers seat. I tried removing one of the tension rods (...
  7. R

    Another HID Installation thread

    Sorry guys... I can see people have asked about HID installations before and I've taken a look at them. Since the S15 and my old MX6 use the same bulbs for the headlights, I removed my HID kit from the MX6 with the intention of installing them on the S15. The bulbs seem to fit OK (if rather...
  8. raytsang

    What is E85

    Right this might be useful for us guys in ireland. as we can only get 95Ron from the pumps.... so what excatly is e85? It sounds like a mix in solution to boost octane.? how safe is this to use? and does your car need to be mapped for it?