1. K

    Assamble the gearbox!!

    Ive bought a "new" gearbox becuase my got circlip att broke. I thought the broken one was hard too remove soo now cant i get the new one up, im going mad, my old S14 gearbox was easy too romove and mount, but the S15 gearbox gota be bigger because its soo f*ing tight...... I would really need...
  2. V

    admitting defeat :(

    hey lads, my gasket between the turbo and the mani decided to blow during the week, its taking all the joy out of driving my beloved 15, i went at it today and i was soo close but yet soo far..... i had the down pipe out, all the heat sheilds one of the lines to the turbo, when i noticed it...
  3. K

    Leaking coilover :/

    One of my KEi office coilovers have started leaking :/ Soo i now need a "repair" kit if you get what i mean :) But i dont know where too find it soo i need some help, Does anyone have a clue where i can find some parts for em?
  4. D

    New bulbs

    Hello! I was stopped last night by the local police. He didn´t like my taillights. They did´t light up as mutch as they should. Soo now I have too either replace them with my stock or put in LEDs soo that they will light up as they should. So my question is can I put in LED lights in my rear...
  5. D

    Change side indicators?

    Hi everyone! I have a question. How do you change the side indicators? What do you need too remove and soo on? //Daniel
  6. Roots82


    Hey, finally got down to torque gt yesterday and after a 3 hour drive home i dropped off the girlfriend. On the way back from hers i pulled away from a round about and into a left hand corner and the back end jumped out on me! We were doing about 25mph i think, in 2nd gear. I'm guessing boost...
  7. irvs

    glanza V

    oh dear had the lend of a glanza V(1.3 turbo) for the weekend. running 1.5bar at 180bhp, im gonna be lousy and say im soo temped to buy one. the main reason so fast for such a small bean tin, bloody hell i had it go off the clock in 3rd gear and hell did 5th feel scary.hehe. but the ting that...
  8. irvs

    soo drunk

    soo drunk right now and dam it feels great.hehe. hate working all day and night at th3e weekend.(reallyhate being a spark these days))) anyone else pissed up???. tonight cant get anny better craic tyhan 2night mate just tole me his woman is pregers ((only 18))):rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl...