1. S

    WTB: driver side rear trim plastic

    in need of the drivers side rear plastic trim, the one that covers the rear quarter panel and has the storage space in there... any one got good condition one?
  2. L

    London Motor Museum has landed!

    Hi S15 fans! We have a massive interest in retro, classic and Modified cars so we decided to join your forum! We would love to have you guys down for a meet at the museum! Its a perfect venue for a club meet, with lots of indoor space and an all white photoshoot area! Here is a small part...
  3. Adam L

    Parking worries...

    I'm assuming a few people worry about their cars when they leave them parked in mass story places. This is a first for me, as the car is so clean. I actually go out of my way to park at the back of a car park where there's so many free spaces, someone would have to be a real tool to plop their...
  4. H

    Rear seat space?

    Hi guys, been keeping my eye out for an S15 for a while now but have just read something in another thread which has prompted me to ask a question I should have asked months ago - how much space is there in the back? I come from an FTO and being 6'1" there was barely any space in the back of...
  5. S

    Problems with fitting HKS Super sqv with hks intercooler

    So now im trying to fit the new HKS ssqv, ive removed the battery and the original recirc. So now the space problem comes. Il post photo with explaination soon today
  6. R

    S15's and a baby seat

    Hi guys, hopefully you've seen the thread of me saying hi :wave: :lol: Well, due to recent developments. I am having to sell my main squeeze of the car world :( in preperation. Oh well, was getting bored of her in a way lol. So she is hopefully on her way out soon. I love these Silvias...
  7. P

    Changing Thermo fans

    Has anyone changed the thermo fan on their S15? I've seen a few that have just removed the standard fan and shroud and replaced them with two thermo fans. The main reason being the fmic reducing flowto the radiator. It also gives you about 300cubic feet :p more space in the engine bay. Just...