1. Fruitbooter

    Am I too weak or am I doing something wrong?

    I cant get the bloody prop shaft bolts at the diff end out! Ive tried soo hard but nothing :( Ive managed to get 1 out so I know it is as simple as using a spanner lol but I cant get 2 of the others out and I havent even atempted the last one. The thing is im trying that hard, I even used...
  2. Darren_S15

    Fitting Braided Brake Lines

    A while back I tried to fit some braided brake lines to the front of my car without success. Got the MOT next month so I need to get this sorted out now. I've got the braids that replace both the solid metal pipe and the rubber hose. Unfortunately I'm having problems with the little brass nut...
  3. J

    Stupid boy :o(

    On Monday I decided to re-fit the negative battery terminal to my battery, as when I fitted a grounding kit a few weeks back, I'd not secured the clamp as robustly as I'd have liked. Anyway, full of the joys of a sunny bank holiday monday morning, I set to with a 10mm spanner and started to...