1. H


    fitting my FMIC I had to remove the fogs which has left the front with gaping holes in the bumper, i think i could quite easily remount the original fogs but space further out to the opposite side of the gaps, but after a quick PS I'm split on it: they will be functional although i fear the...
  2. Mirai_Vaits

    WTB: Wind deflector - drivers side or both

    Went for a drive for the first time since japfest this morning, parked up and when I came back to my car someone has split my drivers wind deflector in half - I'm guessing by leaning on it 😠
  3. R

    Clunking Steering

    I've had another problem recently. I noticed that if the car is at a standstill or moving very slowly or on an uneven surface, turning the wheel or full lock gives a clunking feel and sound through the steering wheel. I'm not sure what it could be, I know I've got a split in my track rod ends...
  4. kujdm

    FS: 17" Work VSXX 3-split rim wheels (Staggered fitment)

    For sale is my full set of staggered Work VSXX split rims with tyres (quite some tread left).Please see below details and images: 2x 17" x 9j ET36 (wrapped in Cooper Zeon 215/45/17) 2x 17" x 10j ET36 (wrapped in Nexen N3000 235/45/17) PCD = 5x114.3 I bought these for my imported Honda Civic...
  5. C

    WTB: Swap? Silver L-package headlights for your standard black ones?

    Before I split them and repaint, perhaps there is someone out there who wants the rare L-package ones?
  6. J

    FS: Blitz nur spec 2 (backbox and centre off my s15)

    hi, ive just taken this off as ive now fitted a shotgun so this is no longer needed. the resignator in the centre section has a split so will need a slight weld. £150 to get rid. will get pictures tomorrow in the light.
  7. Jay-pan

    WTB: Wanted Genuine OEM S15 wind deflectors

    As above, only need passenger side as mine was damaged but will buy the pair if you don't want to split. Urgent for this, and cash waiting.
  8. S15_SAM

    FS: Work Equips 3 piece alloys, 5x114, 17x8 17x9 et unknown atm, about 35-40

    I've just sold the supra and kept these wheels. They are genuine Work Equips 3 piece split rims, they were perfect fitment for my supra. I will measure the offsets on Monday and update but I would guess they are 35-40 the condition of the actual alloys are good but the paint is flaking on...
  9. Fruitbooter

    Has anyone ever replaced a cv boot on an S15?

    Just wondered how hard it was? or is it easier to buy a second hand shaft and swap it? My boot split last year but I fixed it up with a puncture repair kit and lots of glue and tape :D ...has been fine for over a year but has split again and has lost too much grease now so dont want to risk...
  10. Max

    NENGUN Order, Anyone want anything and to split postage??

    Hi Guys, as the title. I'm getting New S-tunes from Nengun and maybe poncams too and postage is like 30,000 yen! If anyone wants anything from Nengun and to chuck it in with my order it shouldn't actually put my postage up, unless it is big ofcorse, just after someone to split the cost with...
  11. J

    New front bumper!

    right, ive got a works 9 on at the moment, even though it looks amazing its just too low and hitting everything, this one has last 4weeks. now its all cracked and split :( what do you think is the best to go for? possibly pics of the bumper on the car :) thanks
  12. Fruitbooter

    Help with split in CV boot and Ball joint question

    Okay was putting everything back together today and found a bloody split in one of the cv boots! Its not big as you can see here - Can I get away with repairing it with something like a puncture repair kit? Or is it a new boot job? Ive never changed a cv boot before and really dont want...
  13. sliding-r

    Power steering boot split

    Hi, Just noticed the above has split, have anyone needed to replace there's, if so where did you get the part? Or shall I just go to motor parts supplier like Unipart?
  14. B

    Best Dump Style for S15?

    hi there i have a JDM s15 with standard turbo and 3" exhaust from the dump back. i am looking at picking up an aftermarket dump pipe but not sure what design to go, either the open 3" pipe or the split style that splits off the wastegate gasses. i have read a few debates for this so...
  15. H

    Spec S to Spec R convertion

    Hi, Just wondering how much of an job it is to swap all bits from a spec r into a spec s. Are there any body differences(eg underbody strut braces etc.) and does the whole loom have to be changed or does it split in the engine bay like BMW. Any comments from people with experience of this...
  16. Darren_S15

    Capiler Splitting

    Ok so Im going to get some calipers powder coated at the weekend. But Ive got one concern and wanted some advise/opinions: Should I split the capilers in half to remove the seal or should I leave them whole? Ive heard splitting them is a bad idea as they are buggers to reseal. But if I do...
  17. Darren_S15

    Brake Rebuild Kits

    Ive just got some R33 GTR Brembo front calipers and some R33 GTST rear calipers. I want to get all new seals for them but I cannot find anywhere to buy these from. Anyone know where I can get these from? Also Ive read that its not a good idea to split the two halves of the calipers as its...
  18. TriniGT

    Differential Identification

    Is there anyway via markings or whatnot to identify between diffs? My friend say that he has a Cusco LSD out of a drift S15 from Japan and I want to make sure that the diff is indeed one. When the pumpkin is split what can I look for? I only see a regular S15 diff on the outside. I am...
  19. slammedmind

    turbo/manifold diagram

    does anyone know where i can get a diagram of the turbo and manifold? Im after the factory diagram that shows it in one piece but split if you get what i mean?
  20. japmadlad

    while I'm off the road

    ok so as the car will be off the road for a week or so thill the new cltch arrives & gets fitted I have decided I'm gona split the lenses & clean them up. Is there any information on the best way to do this?