1. R

    Washer Fluid wont spray!

    Filled up the washer fluid and attempted to give the windscreen a spray and nothing. :( Got a MOT booked in on Monday and need this sorted asap. I cannot hear any pump or motor going, so I'm assuming that's the issue. hoping its as simple as a fuse. Can anyone advise on the issue?
  2. S

    car wont start..

    hey guys my car seems to not start i went filled up at the petrol station.. and came back to turn it on and it wouldnt start. it turns but theres no start.. i should note i degreased the engine bay today and gave it a light spray over after 3-4 hours before filling up.. maybe water somewhere...
  3. S15AK

    paint question

    Anyone that knows anything about spraying/painting? I want to paint my stainless steel coil pack over, so dose anyone know what type of spray can would do the job? Thanks
  4. Mike

    WTB: Rear Aero Spats

    Any colour, willing to spray them! Cheers! :)
  5. Max

    Golden manifold

    Hope this makes a few people smile, take a look at what I managed to do last weekend. I have accidentally turned my new manifold golden.... I had some clear high temperature (upto 650 degrees) spray on laquer and I thought it would be a good idea to put a few coats of it onto my new...
  6. pegliobaglio

    intercooler cooling spray

    I have a cooling spray for my intercooler,need to top it up but just wanted to make sure its just normal water you fill it with not something like de ionised water anyone any ideas would be useful cheers
  7. P

    WTB: wanted sr20

    hi, my mate has a siezed engine in his s14 and just wondered if anyone has a decent condition sr20 top end for him. it needs the cams, spray bar for oil, rockers, followers ect. PM me cheers
  8. T

    Pic request/info - tinting rear lights

    Well I'm truly skint at the mo so modding on a budget and want to freshen the rear end up. The whole orange/red combo makes things look extremely dated. I'm potentially thinking of masking the lower half of the lights leaving them red and using tint spray on the orange top half but have a...
  9. S

    Process of car being painted. How?

    When a vehicle is painted by manufacturer, it doesn't go under the same process as what panel beaters do. I once looked at a video which showed how a car was made at Ford. What it explained was that the parts that are painted is ionised. If you know about chemistry, +ve and -ve ion so attract...