1. S15AK

    VVT rattle

    Hi guys Just asking if anyone has had the VVT rattle and replaced the VTC sprocket to fix it? Only asking as I've got the rattle and I know I could maybe go with a black top head and remove the VVT altogether but didn't want to lose that mid range torque. So I've ended up buying a new VTC...
  2. S

    FS: Garage clear out, R33 GTR brembos, 360mm disc kit, VVT sprocket, ARP rods bolts + mor

    right having a clear out, 5) S15 good VVT sprocket, come from a S15 with 60K on the clock no noises £75 6) S15 Cams, came from a 60K SR20 £50 11) ARP rod bolts for SR20, never used still in packaging: £40 no doubt there will be some more parts I add as I find them..... will also add...
  3. B

    Best place to get vvt sprocket

    Just wondering where is the best place to get a vvt sprocket from and how much are they usually, cheers
  4. P

    VCT Rattle, solutions?

    MY S15 has developed the dredded VCT Rattle, was only quiet a few weeks ago, it's starting to get unbearable when poking my head in the engine bay when I just start it, normally taked 10-15 mins at idle to go away.. or 5 mins driving.. So I was woundering what I should do or what it could be...
  5. adz87kc

    Top dead centre?

    Hello :) I'm hoping one of my fellow boost brothers can help me out here... I read that before i take off the cylinder head (car is a JDM spec R) that you need to set the engine so that cylinder 1 is at TDC. I ***think*** i've got mines set ok but would like someone or a few of you to confirm...
  6. adzsy

    FS: VVT Sprocket

    Slight change of plan in one of my projects means that I have a VVT sprocket up for sale. I am going HKS Cams with standard pullies etc. It has done 37k with no noise what so ever, you can even have the solenoid with it. No idea what it's worth so I'll say £150 due to low mileage and see what...
  7. B

    VVT Solonoid

    Been reading up about the VVT rattle that these cars suffer from,and was wondering if it was worth buying a new solonoid for mine rather than the sprocket to see if this cures it.Mine only rattles on start up and even then it doesn't always do it,it never rattles at idle once warm (or if you put...