1. J

    FS: ARC SR20 Oil Pan

    ARC SR20 Oil Pan. Price does not include PayPal Fees or Shipping. Will ship international at buyers expense. $300 USD Located in Virginia USA...
  2. Unberivable

    sr20 crush washer

    Hey guys, When doing an engine oil change there's the crush washer to replace. Does it matter if it's the same sort when you replace it? The sr20 has that washer that is bent around the sides, but does it have to be that specific crush washer? Cheers
  3. Keifer1903

    WTB: SR20 boost solenoid

    Looking for the above as mine clicking constantly and is very loud. Pic attached for the one I have. Needs to fit sr20 s15. Nissan Silvia Spec R Aero S15
  4. jake

    S15 with an rb25 wiring help

    Has any one got a guide for the wiring from sr20 to rb25 on a Nissan s15 ??? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. jake

    FS: S15 bits

    So as of next weekend my s15 will be starting it's rb25 swap so got some bits up for sale Sr20 det with blue rocker cover was just rebuilt in November with genuine nissan gasket kit have a recondition crank and crank pulley put in as well as acl race bearings pulls good and doesn't us a lot...
  6. S

    FS: ATS&CROSS Carbonetics problade (carbon super single) clutch kit for sr20

    For sale ATS&CROSS Carbonetics problade (carbon super single) clutch kit for sr20 (Matching clutch release bearing , flywheel bolts and carrier present) Clutch was checked by Julian Smith of Garage-D. Verdict was very good & plenty of life left in the disc. Never slipped with 485hp £450...
  7. P

    WTB: Wtb n/a sr20 vct engine harness

    Wanting to buy engine harness for an n/a vct sr20. Located in Townsville, Australia. It's for a mate so if you have one let me know and I'll get you i to contact with him :)
  8. J

    S13 Radiator in an S15?

    Hello Everyone. I was wondering if anyone has used a radiator made to fit an S13 with a SR20 in an S15 with a SR20? I'm in the United States and there are no parts available for an S15. I've can get a pretty good deal on a S13 Aluminum Radiator. Just wondering if it would fit or come close and...
  9. J

    Autech oil filter

    Yo guys! I'm giving my car a service next week (week and half off for my birthday) so finally got some time to work on her... Now just tying to grab an oil filter, I got sparks, oil, diff oil etc etc, just not 100% sure what to grab which would be best. Driftworks have a 180sx sr20 redtop...
  10. Havoc

    FS: SR20 to RB Gearbox conversion plate.

    As above... Brand new. SR20 to RB Gearbox conversion plate with all bolts! £250 " Instagram: @mrkerr @downsideapparel #downsidedrifters "
  11. C

    hi going in hard. s15 shell with rb25. :)

    hi im craig from Portsmouth and have just picked up a s15 shell in grey and have a start f a rb build but am considering converting back to a sr20.
  12. Feast Japan

    FS: S15 SR20 Engine Room Bits

    Guys, in the middle of shoving RB25 in an S15. Have many items from the original SR set up I dont need. Not looking to make profit, just rather see the good used items put to use. SR20 NA 60mm Throttle Body A/C Pump CPU Brake Master Cyl. Rad Shroud Etc Etc. PM or leave reply below. Adam
  13. T

    evans waterless coolant

    Noob question first how much water does the 15 take to fill with the oem rad fitted :confused: Next has anyone used this stuff in a sr20 and is it worth the money [cars running 330/bhp at the moment if this makes any difference:confused:
  14. S

    FS: GT2871r .64 turbo setup

    kinda testing the water here as i want to go top mount. all parts are on the car still Silvia s14/s15 sr20 for sale is: Japspeed Turbo Elbow t28 £40
  15. I

    FS: Blitz SUS filter, Japspeed catch tank, extended rear wheel studs

    Selling the following parts from my SR20 that i don't need anymore: Nismo? gearbox mount Done around 6k miles, great condition. Googled the part number and i'm not sure it actually is a nismo mount (should have RS in the number), altough when i bought it from the states, it came in a nismo box...
  16. adzsy

    FS: Parts for sale

    RB25 Throttle Body - £20 RB25 Inlet Manifold - £10 SR20 MAF / AFM - £10 SR20 - Aircon pump - £10 3 Gauge Dash Pod - £10 S15 Spec S Standard wheels NO TYRES- £30 (can arrange shipping for around £20) Random Side skirts - not sure what there from (Civic/CRX Del Sol??) need a bit of finishing - £10...
  17. S

    turbo manifold

    Wanting to upgrade the manifold no idea what to get.:confused: How much gains could you expect from replacing the stock sr20 one?
  18. G

    FS: x4 sard 550cc injectors with collars and plugs, suit sr vvt, $400

    Item: x4 sard 550cc injectors with collars and plugs, suit SR20 Blacktop VVT Location: Toowong, Brisbane Item Condition: good, made 300hp on my sr Reason for Selling: upgrading to Nismo 740cc's Price and Payment Conditions: $400, can post via courier free of charge through my work, insured...
  19. G

    FS: 2002 Nissan 200SX S15 (230KW+)

    2002 Nissan 200SX S15 [ADM] Odometer: 230,000km's (dash cluster reading, not engine!) Seating Capacity: 2 Mod Plate/Engineered: LK1, LA3, LA8 - 2 seater - Fixed back seat - Turbo system with front mount intercooler - 7 Point Rollcage with Braces - battery relocate to boot (no code per-se but...
  20. J

    oil leak

    have a small oil leak i think it might be the front crank shaft oil seal does anybody know is this an easy job that i can do myself or not and what is the best oil for the sr20 engine????