1. S

    New guy from norway

    Hi guys Im soon a proud owner of a Silvia S15. This car is going to be my track car / drifting car since we cant have them or any other jdm cars on the road anymore:mad: I got a skyline r33 gtst so im new to the sr20det engine and im sure there will be questions u have to answer:nod: I...
  2. F

    FS: SR20DET Manifold from HPIAB!!

    Merged Collector Steel manifold suit GT25,28,GT28RS on Nissan 4cyl Low Mount Fit on all SR20DET Engines!! S14 / S14a / S15 The Manifold runs 300miles!! Its brand new and comes with the heating tape you see on the picture. Make me an offer!! The Manifold has a lifetime warranty!!
  3. A

    Supercharger for s14/s15!!!

    Supercharger for s14/s15 sr20de and sr20det!!! Just found this kit on Yahoo. looks crazy.... will fit to sr20det and sr20de!!!! will be better ? how much power (for sr20det and sr20de)? and how to tune ecu???
  4. N

    Hello from Berkeley, CA

    Hi, I'm John. I found this page when I was searching for information on the S15 and it looks like the place to be for S15 owners. I purchased my S15 earlier this year for race duty. Unfortunetly, since I am in California, as much as I would love to drive it on the road, it is not street legal...
  5. 2

    fitting a turbo to a spec s

    hi guys im just trying to find out what i should do with my spec s s15 fit a turbo or swap a sr20det in to it? what would be the best option and why?
  6. S

    FS: blacktop sr20det GOOD CONDITION

    hey guys i got ablacktop sr20det for sale, came out of a earlier model 180sx with ruffly 90kms and was pulled out running, i brought it from a guy in sa and was goin to be put in a ute tho im outa cash and dont have my ute anymore so its up for sale.. its been out of a car for about 3 weeks...
  7. seilow

    WTB: s15 sr20det

    hello I search a nissan s15 sr20det , good state or crashed ( but not hard crashed^^), i 'm soory for my engilsh because i'm french lol please contact me by : thankss
  8. P

    Hey! Silvia in Cali representin!

    I just got my 2000 s15. I love it. I've been trying to get one for 2 years now and finally got it! Does anyone know the differences between the autech version and the spec-r? Because I got the Autech version, and I think I want to drop the sr20det in it. I "HEARD" the wiring is exactly the...
  9. A

    Where to read about ECU tuning???

    So, I have a little knowledge about ECU tuning. Where can I read more about this work? better about apexi power fc tuning on sr20det. How to make maps and e.c. ???
  10. D


    Quick question cos i have complety forgotten it. Whats SR20DET stand for again?
  11. H

    Helix 200sx s13.5 sr20det

    Hello. My name is Patrik and i live in Stockholm Sweden. I hope im welcome here though my car isnt a s15 from the beginning :rolleyes: Nissan 200sx s13.5 Helix Edition with a sr20det (stock ca18det sold) More old pics: Great forum with great pics...
  12. T

    S15 Spec R From 6 Speed to 5 Speed

    Hello lads, Could you tell me please if the S13 or S14 5 speed gearbox will bolt up to the SR20DET in an S15 without much bother as Im thinking about changing it. Thanks Sean
  13. S

    EVO VIII twin scroll turbo on an SR20DET
  14. A

    Does anybody have ECU pinouts for sr20de (s15) ????

    I need to install ECU from sr20det with my old ECU (sr20de)... so I need pinouts... HELP!!
  15. Nicely

    SXOC - UK 200SX Owners Club One of the best UK car forums: The forum contains a vast knowledge of of 200SXs, in particular S14s and the SR20DET. Not particularly S15 orientated though. Not surprising when there are only about 75 in the UK...