1. L

    Engine dampener

    Had the car up on a ramp on Saturday played around with the mounts could find anything worn split or loose but have a horrid knocking noise when the car goes to stall (hasn't been mapped yet) was thinking adding a engine dampener might help. Thoughts?
  2. J

    FS: Exedy hyper twin plate clutch

    hi, im selling the clutch of my car, i brought it with it in but couldnt handle it (haha) it bites hard but when your going i loved it. its just i drive around alot with stopping and starting which caused me to stall it alot. from what i can see it still has meat on it, ive tried to take photos...
  3. N

    exhaust pop and bad idle

    hey does anyone know why my exhaust pops between gear changes and when i take my foot off the accelerator? not all the time just sometimes and sometimes its HELLL loud.. also when im pulling up with the clutch in it always tries to stall? like idles down really bad and if i give it a bit then...
  4. Z

    advice needed, could it be afm

    im hoping someone can help, i have recently had my power fc put back in my car (had a problem with it so the auto elec took it out and sent it off to be repaired however they wont tell me what the problem was) anyways the car is back up and running but when i first got it back it would stall...