1. S

    exedy HD clutch kit install

    Just yesterday my mechanic installed a exedy heavy duty clutch kit inc lightweight fly wheel, after driving it to my house it starts making clunking noises coming from the gearbox area. Its the noise where you hear when ppl get just married and tie those tin cans underneath the car and it sort...
  2. JaseYpk

    Vibe Fastplug connector

    Allows quick removal of an amplifier without undoing cables and making mess. Auction starts at 99p! :)
  3. JaseYpk

    Genuine Nissan Turbo Elbow Gaskets

    Top (elbow to turbo): - starts at £15 (BARGAIN) Bottom (elbow to front pipe): - Starts at 99p.. BARGAIN!
  4. justin666

    Part Number: Coolant Temp sensor

    Hey.. Just a quick one hopefully, Anyone have a the part number for the coolant temp sensor for a 99 spec R? Think it starts along the lines of 22630-????? Ta muchly J.
  5. S


    noticed recently like after in 5th 6th gear and braking down from say 100 suddenly the steering wheel starts to shake like crazyy :confused: full wobbbleesss any idea what this could be ?
  6. D

    lambda sensors/rough idle

    are the universal ones any good? getting rough idle and overfueling once warm and when you unplug the lambda it starts running better. Anyone any ideas
  7. Aurora61

    difficulty starting car after engine warms up

    After approx 30min of driving, my s15 has a really hard time starting. My car cranks when i turn the key, but the engine doesnt always start. Sometimes, the car will start while depressing the accelerator pedal, but most times will require a few tries. I suspect its temperature related...
  8. J0R04N

    Strange noise from water system?

    Few weeks ago one of my water hoses burst due to ice in the system. changed the hose and put her all back together, she starts fine and the engine is running fine. Fans kick in which suggest the theo stat is working as it should however i get a strange scratching noise when the car starts to...
  9. R

    Boost Needle Jump

    Hey guys, my S15 boosts around 0.7 than under high revs and high boost the needle starts flickering wildly. what could be wrong?
  10. Curryzz

    Car starts to judder under load

    fixed Paul
  11. Marcus

    Very bad idle! Help!

    My engine is started to idel very bad... :cry: Everytime I start it, revs starts go from 600rpm to 1200rpm again again and again. Everytime I put cluch down when I'm driving it almost stalls and starts to "wave" rpms again! There should not be any boost leaks because I just "pressurised"...
  12. A

    Running issues

    Now I have finally driven the car after a complete rebuild. However it is acting up. From like 2krpm it feels like it should and starts to pull. But when it reaches up to 3-4krpm it doesn´t go any further and starts to hesitate a little. Everything is brand new eccept the plugs. The timing...
  13. S

    Best wide body for S15?

    What you think of the best wide body shape? I say C-west wide body with different front bumper. maybe a modified aero? I forgot to put Wisesquare Besiege and Rauh Welt... Anyway the poll starts!!