1. K

    FS: sr20det vct (vvt) sprocket for sale

    For sale... Sr20det vct (vvt) sprocket available... Was taken off my s15 due to a rattle! ( but later found out that the oil pick up was blocked causing the rattling) it never rattled before hand and was only run for 20 seconds rattling as the car was having new turbo, afm, injectors fitted...
  2. D

    WTB: s15 front lip

    hi was wondering if anyone on here can tell me where i can get this front lip or is willing to get it and shipped to me in the United Stated i will pay a little extra as i cant get this in the states. i really want to get this lip
  3. D

    Injector question

    good day everyone i know this is a little off topic but i will ask it anyways i am from trinidad and tobago i am doing a s15 project but with the engine in another car i am in the process of upgrading injectors and came across a deal with some 850cc and 1000cc injectors but it is stated that it...
  4. Robbyp

    Standard Boost gauge

    Hi guys having prob with mine thought i read a thread on them before here somewhere but cant find it. Basically drove my s15 home yest it was a long journey 500 miles but after bout first half hour driving the boost gauge needle just went round to the -7 as if the boost hose had come off...