1. Lil SpecR

    White with ducktail m6 yesterday...

    As above on m6 yesterday crawing along up to j7/8 thanks to another crash -_- Think reg ended in NER? Couldnt quite see you were on lane 1 and i was in 4 and people kept getting in my way haha. Stickers on back window... hello anyway if you're here!
  2. Lil SpecR

    How to pay up?

    Please dont get mad at me if I have missed something obvious: Who do I contact about paying? I see how to make the payment but it says "contact admin" to tell them address etc for stickers, but it doesnt mention user names of those who are admins, and when i clicked on the S15Admin who wrote...
  3. Mycool

    S15oc stickers?

    Hey - does anyone on here know where i can get some s15oc stickers for my window? Cheers
  4. B

    FS: Splitfire Coilpacks for sale

    Selling a set of near new Splitfire Coil packs for S15 Spec R, only covered around 800 miles, boxed as new with intructions and stickers still sealed in the bag Perfect upgrade for an S15 £220 delivered
  5. hendo

    S15OC(Qld) has Merch

    A few members of S15OC(qld) have been making up stickers for our members rides to wear like a badge of honor lol and to get the clubs name out amongst the crowd. The good news is we can offer you the same goodies we will have which can only be a good thing right. The sticker pack will contain...
  6. tooley

    Sticker Collection thread

    What sticker collection do you guys have? Here are mine on my s15 so far! After some stickers now :D
  7. Miss S15 stickers

    Have been chatting with a few of the lads and Im just wondering if there is such things as stickers?
  8. seilow

    WTB: stickers which deflect the headlight

    hi there i searche stickers which delfect headlight maybe you know where i can find it many thanks
  9. Yakozan

    Video: S15 on rollers with S15oc stickers on? Just spotted this. Is that S15oc stickers on the rear quarter windows? Anyone here :)
  10. R

    Rogz's Ride

    Here is my humble S15 (Still Stock internals) Feel free to drop your comments. Thanks. Previous Look (Stickers) Now (Clean)
  11. moomin

    Custom Vinyl/Graphics/Window tint type dude!!

    Hello everyone!!! Just thought i would let everyone know about this, my best buddy is a graphics manager, and does alot of stuff on the side, he has recently opened his own little workshop and is gonna go at it alone, so i thought i would try to throw some work his way!!! he is one of the...
  12. P


    I don't want to drag up old issues but did we get anywhere with stickers that can be fixed on the inside of the glass? The reasonI ask is that the S on the small side sticker has faded and peeled off. Cheers
  13. M

    Club Stickers (New Thread) Their Here!

    Well dont know if Ive done the right thing, but thought Id start a new thread as the old one was getting to big and off topic. So Ive returned to work today and Ive got the stickers here in front of me. My mate has had them all made up (15 of each) :o Instead of the trial ones I wanted so if...
  14. sushiming

    Club stickers............

    right guys its about time we got our club sticker sorted out now, I am not good at designing at all so would someone be nice enough to come up with some designs, would be nice to included the Lighting S in it as the S15 and we also need someone to make them up aswell.......