1. Jordan

    WTB: Driver side wing in pewter

    Mine looks like its been previously repaired and has a nasty stone ship in it. Anyone got one?
  2. B

    Anyone on here own a blue silvia S15 JTX

    There was a blue S15 parked on westbridge gym car park in stone at 11.15 am today, wondered if it was anyone's on here??
  3. Darren_S15

    My new wheels

    Just thought Id share my new wheels with everyone. Don't worry its not going to replace my S15. Its a bit of a beast with 13hp and 7.8 ft/lbs of torque :rotfl: For anyone wondering its a 2007 Honda CBR125 RW-7. Something Ive been wanting to do for a while and this bike is a stepping...
  4. JaseYpk

    Do FMICs get serious stone damage?

    ive got a question about fmics in general - would it not be beneficial to have some mesh in front of it to prevent stone damage? i mean if a stone put a hole in it there would be pressure loss.. or is this just me over reacting? i dont have n fmic so dont know how strong they are against...
  5. Topper

    Mapping Trip

    Ok, following on from here -, I have been down to the south of Englandshire to have my car mapped. On my travels down, i took a few pictures of things on the way - Whilst there, i took a few pictures. 1st off, on the...