1. K

    S15 no power or boost before 4krpm

    Really struggling to find anyone who has had this issue who has posted a solution in the last ten years or so. My car has next to no low end torque or power and boost holds off as the car crawls its way up past 4000rpm then it comes to life on full boost and start hauling ass. I've changed my...
  2. C

    Insurance quotes

    Hi all - I am 24, looking to insure a S15 Spec R but having issues, I am with Brentacre right now who have been a god send for the laat few years with insurance quotes however they won't touch me on the S15, I am having to cancel my policy to now go elsewhere, any ideas? I cant see how a 24...
  3. A

    Spec R brake discs

    Anyone know a good place to find Spec R brake discs, Im struggling. Theres some on ebay but..its ebay.
  4. fez06

    Battery needs changing but struggling to find one

    iv still not got a battery for my car its dead now needs boosting everytime and wont hold charge. But I cant find an exact raplcement, not in the UK anyway, I know a lot of people run FMIC's so use micra batteries are these batterys smaller as mine wont fit sideways? and how do you route the...
  5. Jordan

    WTB: Flexi turbo elbow or downpipe

    Fitting a stainless manifold soon and need me some flex! anyone got anything or could suggest anywhere I can buy one? Struggling to find anything online...
  6. B

    Spec r flywheel bolts ???

    Hi I'm after some spec r flywheel bolts for the duel mass flywheel, I've tried Nissan but they are struggling to find any. Does anyone know where I can get any from ?? Thanks
  7. B

    Hey guys another s15 wanna be :D

    hey guys just registered and i thought i would say hi i am intrested in gettin s15 within the next 6 months and have came across various web sites and forums offering info on maintence, spare parts, specialist insurers and performance upgrades but i am struggling to find any info on the basics...
  8. T

    Service parts belts and fuel filter.

    Where's the best place to buy fan, alternator, auxilliary belts and a fuel filter? as i wish to refresh them and currently struggling to find a company that supply them.:thumbs: Cheers Alan
  9. Curryzz

    Fitting driftworks harnesses

    hi,just wondering if people could show me where they have bolted there harnesses? mine are 4 point,my old ones were 3 point and they were ok but new ones are proving harder to fit as im struggling with places to bolt them:thumbs:
  10. B

    Number Plates

    Morning, Finally got my documents back from the DVLA for my number plate but and struggling to find any where to make a small front number plate. Can anybody recommend somewhere to get one from? Thanks B17DUF