1. 2

    help help urgent

    The garage are fitting the driftworks S14 conversion flywheel for the S15 my son has and the pilot bearing in he centre of the old DMF is stuck they need this to fit the new one does anyone know where I can get one from please
  2. Sims77

    Spec R caliper

    Morning Bit of a urgent question if anybody can help. I've got my Spec-R in a garage as the passenger caliper has stuck on. Are they the same as an S14 caliper? Need to get this sorted ASAP Thanks.
  3. Jay-pan

    FS: S15 Dmax roof spoiler

    Purchased a few weeks back, fitted to my S15 for one week. Had bit of a problem getting it to fit but sits okay now just one side has a small gap but once stuck down can't be seen. Sprayed pewter silver, few small imperfections if looking real close but part from that in mint condition and...
  4. C

    Before I start ripping badges off.....

    Before I start ripping badges off and potentially leaving holes in my boot lid, does anyone know if the Silvia and Nissan badges on the bootlid of an S15 are just stuck on or actually clipped on via a hole or two? Someone has stuck a nasty nismo badge on mine and I want to remove it and the oem...
  5. U

    6-Stacker (Spec R) ate a CD - stuck

    My 6-stacker has a CD stuck in position 2. It had trouble ejecting it (couldn't) but then decided that it HAD actually ejected it, so now the CD is stuck in that position and won't come out. I can actually now LOAD a CD in that position, it must somehow go on top of (or under) the one already...
  6. B

    Hello from Ireland

    heys guys. my name is Dave and im from Ireland. I recently caught the rwd bug and bought an S15 Spec S. Delighted with the car, haven't been able to fault it yet:). Looking forward to getting stuck into some disscussions on S15's and learning more about them. Thats about it for now.
  7. W

    WTB: spec r badges, and anodised nuts for the engine bay?

    hi guys anyone know where i can find the specr badges brand new? Ive tried fleabay but they look fake! The ones that are stuck to the rear quarters? Also after the bolts and washers that hold all wings and lights in in the engine bay?
  8. R

    FS: s15 taillight

    i have the right side taillight for sale if anyones stuck
  9. V

    admitting defeat :(

    hey lads, my gasket between the turbo and the mani decided to blow during the week, its taking all the joy out of driving my beloved 15, i went at it today and i was soo close but yet soo far..... i had the down pipe out, all the heat sheilds one of the lines to the turbo, when i noticed it...
  10. subzero

    s15 elect service manual- free download here. download from mirror as the 1st link is gone i think... if your stuck for a password use : . should work. for loads of other service guides :
  11. M

    Hello All

    Hi every one great looking site have yet to get stuck in and have a look around,as soon as I get some propper pics of ma motor I'll try and post them up "not really sure how to if some one could help be great" Mark:wave:
  12. M

    Gear Ratio's For 4th/5th/6th

    Hi folks. Can anyone give me the ratios for 4th to 6th please. I know its in the workshop manual, but Im stuck at work and could do with knowing now. Thanks in advance.