1. R

    What's this for?

    Hi, I'm in the middle of my S15 build and don't know where this thing goes. It comes out of the fusebox somewhere. Any help would be appreciated, sick of wasting time on stupid things like this!! Thanks all
  2. jake

    WTB: nissan s15 engine needed

    hi my name is jake I'm looking for an engine for my s15 (sr20 det) I have a gear box and a turbo just need an engine, oil pump and water pump just wondering if any one can help me iv been looking for weeks and keep coming up with dead ends or people asking stupid prices if any one can...
  3. B

    Will this be weird....

    Evening all! Just been browsing pictures etc... Cause I can't imagine just having widened front wings, and standard rear quarters... What do you guys think? Weird or not? Anyone done it? Pictures? Thanks :) please delete this thread... Stupid iPad refreshed... Thanks.
  4. Lloyd_SR20

    Profile/Account privileges?

    Hi, this is prob a stupid question with a very obvious answer but here goes...... i joined the forum on friday last and every post i put up it says that my post will not become visible until a moderator approves it. does this always happen or is because im new or what? its been 3 days since i...
  5. K

    what fuel pressure and boost do i set my car to

    help i have front mount fuel pressure reg boost controler and exhaust system what do i need next sorry if this sounds stupid
  6. crazymat666

    What EBC to get?

    Right guys I got my insurance through soon and once that's all sorted I'm lookin into getting a electric boost controller and getting it mapped but I don't want to spend stupid amounts on one and I don't want to be too cheap either so what do you guys recommend ? Cheers :)
  7. K

    exhaust sytem help

    hi guys im new here and currently purchasing a yellow jdm s15 ive been looking around forum and seeing that ces front/dump pipe is good so im purchasing one. i know this may sound stupid but what other components do i need for turbo back exhaust system? im still learning alot so dont flame me...
  8. Sideways Simon....

    S15 rear spats info....

    Is it a stupid question or are the s15 rear spats near impossible to find?
  9. S

    hi people new to the site :)

    hi folks looking to buy a s15 very soon need to get back into the jap cars i had a starlet glanza last year, sold it for a megane 225 stupid i know lol any advice on buyin a s15 very welcome cheers.
  10. S

    Subframe/pineapple question

    Ok guys can someone confirm my suspicions pls? Have a read of this thread and tell me if I am missing a part or if I am just stupid lol
  11. mint

    Pic Request - VIP s15's + DISH!

    I wanna see pics of Slammed s15's, with Stupid STUPID dish. Possibly some kind of VIP Styling, and if possible one with a set of SSR Vienna's :thumbs::thumbs::thumbs::thumbs:
  12. B

    blow off valve

    This may sound like a stupid question for you guys but i want to know. You know when you have a blow off valve the car accelerates then sounds like its sneazing like a cheeww. But on other cars, for example with my car, it accelrates you can hear the air intake then the release sounds...
  13. P

    impulse buy

    done something really stupid! i went down the bodyshop and realised i was never going to fit gtr 9.5s up front having seen the new wings trial fitted and then to top it all i saw Carlands (sxoc) new wheels (very nice nismo GT-3's) and got a little jealous this has resulted in a stupid impulse...
  14. kimi


    ok i'm thinking of getting a full stainless HKS exhaust and would like to know about the stock exhaust, how many cats does a s15 have on as standard ? stupid question but will the HKS come with cat replacements or sports cat ? kimi x
  15. sushiming

    Good news guys

    hey guys i got some good news yesterday got a call from the insurance and the cars going in to the bodyshop next wed to get repaired plus i am having the boot done aswell as i dented it stupid me..... hopefully its gonna be a good job.....and just need to sort out the leak on the turbo outlet...