1. S

    WTB: Rear Lights

    Anyone selling OEM rear lights or the red and clear 50:50 ones? need to change the horrible lexus style lights on mine
  2. mixvariety

    WTB: Silvia Floor Mats

    As above - only really fussed about the fronts, but will take a whole set if anyone has them! Don't mind which style they are, as long as they're in decent-ish condition. Thanks!
  3. ArTo

    FS: DMAX Style Trunk Spoiler FRP

    Hey, for sale a brand new FRP Trunk Spoiler DMAX Style. 80 € + Shipping
  4. s15Irl

    FS: Nismo oil caps

    I have 2 spare Nismo style oil caps, one silver one neo chrome. €25 £22 each plus delivery Also have an extra Nismo radiator cap cover Fits over existing rad cap comes with Grub screws €20 £17 plus delivery Type r style gear knob Anodised red Fitting kit adapters included €20 £17 plus...
  5. hoodooyoudo

    240z style nose on S15

    S15s are still pretty common in Japan - probably the third most common performance car I saw in my two week holiday there (including a week-long stay in Gunma, and a visit to Mount "Akina") .. but I have only ever seen one like this, with a 240z style nose; (I apologise for the terrible...
  6. S

    WTB: D max 50/50 style rear lights...

    As above, I'm looking for a good pair of dmax 50/50 style rear lights. I have a very good condition pair of standard rear lights I can px with too. Cheers.
  7. S

    WTB: T28r/gt2871r, aftermarket rear lights.

    As per the title, I'm looking for a t28r in very good condition or a gt2871r for the right price... I'm also on the hunt for some dmax 50/50 style rear lights or similar, I have a pair of excellent condition oem ones I could do a deal with. Cheers 👍
  8. J

    FS: 3" shotgun style exhaust

    Hey guys Got a 3" twin shotgun style exhaust for sale. Decat, straight through to twin backbox Stainless steel Used but still in good condition. £150 Collection only Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Limitless Imports

    *Dmax LED taillights Group Buy*

    Seeing as ive had a fair few requests for these over the last few weeks I thought I'd set up a group buy on them. There's two options available Smoked or 50/50 crystal. There are others but not as nice and are alot more. Group buy price includes shipping and taxes so the price below is all you...
  10. S

    FS: S15 Uras Type S style bumpers going cheap...

    As per the title, I have a pair (front/rear) of Uras Type S style bumpers to fit an S15. These came off of my pewter grey S15 and were a good fit. They are in overall good condition, there are a few small blemishes and the underside of them have some minor damage but nothing that is noticable...
  11. T

    WTB: Dmax style 50/50

    Hey guys i'm looking for dmax style clear rear lights, no fancy led i don't like the led look thanks
  12. Mycool

    WTB: s15 rear lights

    im after some rear lights, i already have the standard ones. i am ideally looking for some led lights or the other aftermarket lights - just not the lexus style. any about? cheers
  13. F

    floor mats

    I'm looking for a set of checkered karo floor mats but having difficulty translating the Japanese karo page. Was wondering if anyone knew of an English friendly place or a uk supplier or even somewhere that does the same style floor mats.
  14. S

    FS: Garrett GT3082R

    Genuine Garrett GT3082R 0.82a/r for sale, aka GT3040R £500 no offers part number is 700177-5014 Turbo has done around 3000 miles, not used in anger as it was on a stock bottom end by previous owner. Dual Ball Bearing "GT30/GT40R" Turbo assembly. T3 style inlet flange with 4 bolt T31 style...
  15. D

    FRP Nismo style s15 bonnet
  16. D

    FS: S15 FRP Nismo style bonnet by EPR

    FRP Nismo style bonnet by EPR Comes with locking aero catches Brand new on my car for a few weeks if that. Located Motherwell Scotland £250 ono looking for a quick sale
  17. V

    WTB: Yashio Style LED Rear Lights

    Im looking for a pair of Yashio Style LED rear lights. Dont need to be real Yashio Factory ones, can be also Mars, Origin & and other manufacturers, as long as they are in good condition. Cheers, Andreas.
  18. G

    FS: Supermade style spoiler & Ganador style door mirrors

    Selling these parts due to want something different. Condition of both overall good. Buyer pays PayPal fees. Looking for £100 + post for the spoiler or px for rear aero spoiler Mirrors £120 + post pm if you're interested, thanks Thanks pm or email me
  19. Tom VWJ

    WTB: OEM Spec R (non Aero) front bumper

    Looking for decent OEM Spec R front bumper (any colour) Willing to buy, or trade / px my current vertex style (zilla striped) front end. Many pics on instagram @howstar
  20. M

    autech spoiler

    Are the autech high rise spoilers rare to get or hard found?? Came across one in friends garage and never seen one before or even pictures it's same style spoiler as the s14 autech