1. Nissan_S15

    FS: Alpine 800watt Subwoofer Blue Lit LED's - Bargain!!!

    Recently purchased this 12" subwoofer as a backup just incase anything happened to the one installed in my S15. So far 2 years of use and my Alpine sub is still going strong, so I have decided to sell this one. All in good working order and all original bits supplied. This is a great...
  2. J

    AMP/SUB wiring help!!

    Hey guys Just recently got my S15 here in tokyo and im having issues with my amp turning on at all. So far everything looks wired up correctly and the only thing i can think of that can be wrong would be the Remote Wire behind the deck. Currently hooked up on the BLUE/WHITE wire. Is that the...
  3. meddler

    Subwoofer installs

    Guys, I am looking for ideas on my subwoofer box. Does anyone have any pictures of their installs? Just looking for some ideas before I start making a box.