1. K

    Venting standard BOV

    A picture paints a thousand words... Disconnected the recirc and blocked the uncharged side with good old mt franklin. Problem is the car stalls sometimes. I presume it has something to do with the small hole in the stock bov sucking in air and leaning out the mix. Any help appreciated...
  2. pegliobaglio

    sucking noise?

    alright guys don't know if any of you can help me her,a few weeks back when i was on boost one of my intercooler pipes popped off and the car stalled,fitted it all back together made sure everything was done up nice and tight and everything seemed fine,now it could be completely un related but...
  3. raytsang

    boost problems.

    boost in car seems to have gone funny. in first gear boost take along time to spool up and have to floor it very hard to get high boost, as with before it did not take much effort to fet full boost in first and secound. the rest of the gear are easier but still take a while for it to reach max...
  4. P

    Car making weird noise after drift day

    Okay, since my drift day on Sunday the car has been making a weird sucking noise when on boost. It comes from the left hand (passenger) side of the engine bay but only when the car is making boost. It sounds like a really strong sucking cold air intake but I haven't changed anything. I...