1. ChrisKnottIns

    Why you should get a Chris Knott quote this summer...

    CAR INSURANCE DUE SOON? Get a quote from partner Chris Knott before 31/8 and you'll be in our Summer draw to win this bundle... Chris Knott's Summer Giveaway - WIN a Chemical Guys 'Best Detailing Kit' 8-Pack QUOTELINE: 0800 917 2274 - please mention this forum when you call so you can access...
  2. H

    Meet: late Summer Essex Meet?

    i think we agreed we'd do another meet late summer.....?
  3. oilman

    Summer Competition to win PS4 and Games @ Opie Oils

    Hi Folks, Opie Oils have got a Playstation 4 with Destiny and Fifa 15 worth over £440 and are using it as our Summer Competition. This competition will be running until the end of September. To be in with a chance of winning the next generation console and two brand new games, all you have to...
  4. B

    WTB: Near side S15 headlamp wanted

    Hi, has anyone got a N/S marked L on rear headlamp (I assume for Left Hand) either hid or non hid. anything considered, just want to get it on the road for summer (if we have one) many thanks
  5. Tony

    Oem injectors.....

    Hi guys! Just wondering if anyone knows how much our oem injectors can take..?+ I'll be running about 1,1 bar on turbo this summer.. and maby with a chip from H-dev..
  6. DeanS15

    Meet: will there be a summer meet this year???

    just wondering guys, last years summer meet was great (if a little far) and it'd be great if there was anything in mind for this year too..... thoughts??:)
  7. C

    More S15OC Summer Meet pics..

    Wasn't sure if I should add these into LuPix's Summer Meet Pics thread but didn't think it'd be right to clog up the pro section with these amateur ones taken by myself and my friend Tim who came with me to the meet yesterday! ;) If anyone wants any pics in the full unedited version just drop...
  8. T

    tripleJs15 Dyno'd on e85 at 29psi (Dynojet)

    Maxded the injectors out, so we stopped at 584whp, will swap out and try again later this summer, going to enjoy the car a little till then.
  9. C1TPT

    Meet: Summer Meet!

    Update... The meet has now been organised for the 10th July, Banzai and Jap Performance are both interested in doing a feature :thumbs: **************** Right guys, a few of us have been talking about arranging an s15oc meet for the summer. We would like it to be as BIG as possible...
  10. S

    Radiator Cowling

    I broke mine while taking the rad out to replace with an upgraded one and my mechanic says that I should have one on as it helps with the cooling. I never had any problems through the summer with it off and now that its cold the temp stays around the same. Any thoughts? Ta, Keith
  11. M

    TAX question

    Hi mates,I?m thinking on moving to my country with the car this summer and i wondered if i can drive the car in the EU roads without the UK TAX, since mine will expiry during the summer Thanks. Regards.
  12. P

    Summer UK Meet

    While speaking to a fellow UK S15 owner the other day from around Norwich the subject of a summer meet came up. Now, I know there isnt many of us S15 owners, but there is quite a few new people (including me) who have only recently joined the S15 community (and the club soon) who would like...
  13. R-Spec

    R-Spec's S15's

    Had been waiting til it looked right before showing you guys what I've done. Couldn't help getting my hands on another Pearl Spec-R. Pics from the street and some from Japfest '07 with Vidal Baboons Strawberry 14a. The Mrs has a couple of months break from doing many miles so thought it...
  14. J

    Japanese Heaven Summer 2007!

  15. G

    S15 importers in ireland

    Hey Lads, jus joined this site as i have been looking around for good s15 sites for a while and theres not many around. im hoping to bring an s15 into ireland in the summer but not sure which importer to go through. japnuts seem to be the best deal. has anyone any feedback on them??? id...
  16. D

    Mike from StreetRacingMania

    Hello guys, We are the happy owner of the WiseSports S15, some of you have seen the car in Silverstone this year, a bit damaged by Hiraoka :cry: Car is up and running again, here is some pictures from a demo done in Sweden by Samuel Hubinette this summer Cheers, Mike
  17. Yakozan

    Gatebil Rudskogen 2005 pics by Claes Nilsson (

    Found some pics on another forum and thought that should post them here :) It's from the Norweigian event Gatebil which I hopefully will attend next summer. If I don't waste all my money on mods that is ;) Enjoy :)