1. Chriscooke

    WTB: Wanted. S15 sun visors and interior lights.

    As title. I'm after both sun visors in black and both interior lights for non rape money if possible :)
  2. s15Irl

    WTB: Interior bits and bobs

    Hi, Im looking for a few little bits : the triangle shape trim on the inside of the mirror, both sides. Also a drivers side sun visor If anyone has any of these ill be happy to buy them, postage shouldnt be much being small and light! Thanks
  3. S15AK

    Restore dash board/faded vinyl

    Hi Guys Not sure how this happened but part of my dash seems to have sun fade or something, looks like something has been split on the dash and the sun has cooked it, so I've got large faded patches all over it. Now I've tried back to black & shoe polish, which works but only for a week or so...
  4. driftmonkey

    WTB: sun visors

    as per title who has some... cheap as chips please :D
  5. J

    Just a few shots from today's detail

    Paint was thin as expected, but this car is in cracking condition, no scratches and all the paint is original :thumbs: But after a long day in the sun:
  6. JaseYpk

    My S15 and my mates E36 328i

    Just a quick drive out since my car is all fixed and working, and the sun was shining for once!
  7. xlr8

    Heatwave in ireland

    Sun is out in Ireland = wax cars and fill with petrol
  8. crazymat666

    just discovered i have the built in sat nav :D

    i posted a thread asking what the center of the dash was for and was told it was the the built in option extra satnav and me and a mate was looking around it and seen from opening it that the satnav is in there which im aware like the sun roof is very rare but i have no idea how to make it pop...
  9. mint

    Best s15 in the UK?

    Well its been running as of Satruday i believe in Silverstone for the EDC Round 3 quali's.. 2JZGTE Powered Weapon of Phil's. Hes currently up against some serious talent from the land of the rising sun. Here's a small snap from yesterday. too much nice !! :smitten:
  10. J

    A little update on mine

    So I had a little run in with a tyre wall some time ago, this required some creative hammer-craft and new paint. So i'd like to thank the guys at in Adelaide SA for their handy work!. It's a metallic satin red, looks pretty rad in the sun. Well, i think so. :)...