1. R-Spec

    S-Tune suspension started leaking

    Anyone know the best way to get a replacement? Don't suppose its worth having them serviced due to downtime
  2. Mange

    Hey from Sweden #2

    Saw that antoher swedish guys just introduced himself, so I thought I might do the same. My name is Magnus Rydberg, I'm 21 years old and a proud S15 owner since a month. My S15 is fairly standard. It has a FMIC, 3" exhaust and a chip of some kind. I havent got huge plans for it but I suppose...
  3. W

    flywheel bolts for ORC clutch kit

    I've picked up an ORC single plate clutch with flyhweel and ORC says that i should get new flyhweel bolts - which bolts am I suppose to get?
  4. meddler


    Hi Guys, This is the standard intro thread. I live in Australia. I have a blue '01 S15 which is practically standard except for a cat back exhaust. Had it for about 12 months now. I have a few minor plans, but nothing too outrageous. I suppose the biggest mod to the car will be the carPC...
  5. 1

    Pineapple sizes

    Anyone have a whiteline pineapple on hand or have any ideas what is the outter diameter of the 2 sizes of the pineapple? Cos superpro only list the size and no mentioning of where it suppose to go. Small - 69.5mm Big - 80 mm Thanks in advance.
  6. M

    Standard Injector Size

    Ok folks another question which I would like putting to rest before I fit my new 740 injectors is exactly what size are the stock injectors when running at standard S15 fuel pressure? This thread on SXOC didnt really give a definitive answer. I...