1. Mycool

    Just found history of my s15!! :O (Picture heavy)

    Hi guys, Abit random - But i just decided to do a HPI check on my s15 & with the HPI check it also gave me the previous Registration plates it has had so i searched it up! Apparently it was owned by someone on here called 'sushiming' who is apparently the founder of this forum/ help started it...
  2. sushiming

    Valentines gifts Ideas

    hey guys ive got some things up for sale duno if anyone is intrested but please have a look and tell ur friends thanks sushiming Theres Swarovski braclets neckless Patrick Cox money bag perfumes shower gels feel free have a look could be a good idea for the other half...
  3. M

    FS: Z32 AFM for sale 110 pounds

    Please email to me if you have interest, My email Or you can ask sushiming.
  4. S

    Parking sushiming, its for You :thumbs: