1. A

    WTB: Spec r rear spoiler

    Looking for one, can also swap without dmax bootlid spoiler with boot. thanks
  2. Badger0068

    FS: Aero spoiler (with boot in pearl white) swap for Dmax or similar.

    Anyone fancy swapping boots? Mines in pearl white with an aero spoiler. Looking to swap for one in the same colour with a different spoiler. Preferably Vertex or Dmax but will consider others. May even consider a swap for a pearl white boot with no spoiler plus cash my way. In the south east...
  3. D

    WTB: Want to swap my 120d M sport for a s15 (S15 WANTED!!)

    Wanting a S15 spec R. Got a BMW 120d M sport 2009 to SWAP!!! 120d M sport. 72k miles. M.O.T I'm the 3rd owner. HPI clear. 2x keys. Car is in mint condition and drives spot on. Car has all the extra's (red leather, 18" M sport alloys, day lights, parking sensors, etc). Car has just had a full...
  4. S

    S15 engine swap wiring help.

    So basically I've owned an s15 spec s for a year or so now and have decided to swap an sr20det engine into it. I have the sr20de engine out. I just need to sort the wiring out before I can drop the sr20det engine in. It's my first engine swap and I'm not too clued up on the wiring side of...
  5. J

    FS: Blue bootlid + aero spoiler SWAP for your flush one

    As the title states I'm after a flush boot lid (not one that's had the holes filled must be oem flushed ) ideally it it needs to be blue but may consider any colour if I get no replys collection / swap from Buckinghamshire thanks
  6. tooley

    FS: Dmax S15 50mm front fenders. Swap for OEM.

    Chaps, Having a total carv up with my S15 so im not longer going to be running my front fenders. I need OEM wings for the new look. Anyone want to swap with me?
  7. E

    Can u swap s15 ecus between cars?

    My car wont spark and suspecting its a ecu problem..can i swap it for another? I mailed a person selling one and he said its a jap ecu unlike european ones which have nats? What does he mean by that:confused::rolleyes:
  8. jake

    WTB: Cheep run around

    Any one selling a cheep run around for like £200 Until my s15 rb swap is done Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. jake

    Rb25 swap

    So I'm looking at doing an rb25 swap on my s15 Just wondering on the best way to go about it like how to get all the bits how much I should be looking to spend and how much Time I should be look to spend doing it I was thinking the best way to go about it would be to go and get a r33 that had...
  10. S

    FS: Bumper swap?

    Hi guy's, I've got full oem spec r bumpers at the moment, all in very good condition. Anyone fancy a swap? Vertex, uras etc...
  11. Jay-pan

    FS: Vertex kit swap with aero bumper?

  12. Jay-pan

    Front headlight swap...

    Just testing the water got some genuine Nissan xenons, had them resprayed as the paint on the inside was flaking so were split apart and sprayed satin black look real evil. Was just wondering if anyone would want to do a swap with standard original ones that are genuine xenon as well? Only...
  13. I

    FS: Eibach camber bolts

    Selling 2 pairs of Eibach camber bolts, brand new never fitted or taken out of their bags, M12 size so S14 fitment (and i reckon S15 too since the coilovers swap over), adjustment range +- 1.75°. £16 posted to UK/Europe for each pair
  14. C

    WTB: wanted: oem s15 boost guage

    as the title states im looking to use the oem s15 boost gauge in my 14 for my rb25 neo swap. im located in the u.s.
  15. M

    WTB: HELP! Spec r auto engine loom and ecu

    As title I'm after an engine loom and ecu from an s15 spec r automatic. Needed ASAP for a customers vehicle, we have manual loom and ecu to swap with or will just buy. Send pm or ring/text Matt 07933462592
  16. D

    Spec R AFM needed for Spec R enigne swap?

    Hey I was wondering if a Spec R AFM is needed when I swap my SR20DE engine for a S15 SR20DET Spec R eninge into my Spec S? Are there many differences in Spec S and Spec R AFM's? And what would a Spec R AFM be worth? I couldn't find my answers on the internet so I hope anyone here could help me...
  17. billy_t15

    FS: SWAP my aero bumper for your non aero!

    After a non aero front bumper and will to swap my genuine aero for it the splitter is missing and the paint isn't the best finished in pearl white but the colour of yours doesn't matter to me thanks
  18. Nickichi

    E Fan Rotation

    Hi Found out yesterday on the hottest day so far that when I installed the electrical fans before Christmas, I hadn't checked them properly (just stuck my hand behind the fan to feel air flow) to make sure they were both sucking air into the engine bay. One fan is pushing air from the engine...
  19. J0R04N

    Engine swap to RB25DET, What's my SR Worth??

    Seriously looking into an engine swap on my S15. At the moment I'm looking at an RB25DET from an R34 GTT. My question is how much is my SR worth with the gearbox and ancillary's. Will include spitfire coil packs, garage d strengthened box, stage 3 Exedy clutch and lightweight flywheel???