1. T

    Switched live and interior lighting feeds behind stereo?

    I'm hunting about for live and switched feeds to supply my defi gauge controller behind the stereo / aircon units. Does anybody know what the three cables to the cigarette lighter are, i'm assuming live (+12v), earth (-) and interior lighting circuit (switched live)? Which one is which? <---...
  2. K

    S15 spare key

    I tried searching the forum but no results. Where have you got your spare keys? My local locksmith couldn't find one that would've matched and there is like 2 in ebay for about 30-40 bucks. Has anyone switched the locks from S14 or so? Can't even think of dropping the key in the trunk and...
  3. tooley

    A-pillar guage loom????

    Hey guys, I am fitting a load of gauges tonight and I cant find my multimeter, think I must of lent it to someone. Just a quick question, what wire on the A-pillar electronic boost gauge loom is switched live? So that I can wire up the lights on my other gauges. Sorry in work all day so dont...