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    FS: Standard bonnet & wing mount intercooler

    £200 bonnet. Needs painting is pearl white but paints come off with masking tape. £40 Spec R wing mount done 45k
  2. P

    Heat shield problems

    Heat shield on the exhaust mani is rusted through. Where would the be the best place to get a new one or can I just use bit of heat tape around the mani?....
  3. S

    WTB: I really need a bonnet!

    Right i've got my MOT next month and i need a new bonnet as the one i have is cracked and held on with duct tape. Ideally i'd like another carbon fibre one but anything considered. (S15 bonnet) Thanks
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    Removing GT wing?

    Hello all - I would like to say that yes I did try and search on this topic but didnt find anything specifically discussing rear wing removal. ( ps I am a new starter on this forum! ) I have an s15 Spec R GT and the wing really causes a blindspot in the rear, so I was going to remove it. I...
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    Sandwich plate leak!

    Just noticed a small leak it seems to be coming from the oil pressure sender in the plate. I did use plummers tape so i dont know whats wrong and dont like the taughts off taking it apart again! anyone had this problem?
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    FS: SR20DET Manifold from HPIAB!!

    Merged Collector Steel manifold suit GT25,28,GT28RS on Nissan 4cyl Low Mount Fit on all SR20DET Engines!! S14 / S14a / S15 The Manifold runs 300miles!! Its brand new and comes with the heating tape you see on the picture. Make me an offer!! The Manifold has a lifetime warranty!!