1. J

    Hello From Northampton England

    Hey guys, counting down the days in which I will be getting my S15, feel free to give me loads of advice on what to look for when buying (I will look through threads) and I don't mind buying an already modded car, if its modded to my taste, just waiting for the next years no claims on JUNE 11th...
  2. Mark_D

    FS: S15 Cream Leather Not mine

    http://www.driftworks.com/forum/parts-sale-private-sales/127489-s15-spec-r-leather-interior-offers.html#post1574800 Didn't actually know this was available!!!!! Not to my taste although might fit the bill of somebody on here
  3. 8

    Hi all

    Hi everyone I'm Russ from the UK. I don't currently have a 15 but am doing all the research ready to get one after Xmas (i know long time, but i like my research) I will be honest i never really liked jap cars. I have always had German motors, but after re shelling, then rebuilding, then...
  4. adz87kc

    Rear end update

    Hey guys, currently my car looks like this: Boring :down: I like the aero front bumper lots and the side skirts are ok too but the rear doesn't do it for me. Was thinking of a more aggressive look. I reckon the aero spats will be a right pain to get hold of so a replacement bumper will...
  5. Yellow Peril

    FS: OEM Wind Deflectors

    Carefully taken off my Spec R when it arrived in UK, not to my taste, but damm useful in keeping the rain out! SOLD Cheers Matt
  6. S

    RG or F1?

    Should I go Advan RG white 17x8.5 +31 7.5kg or Enkei RP-F1 17x8 Silver 7.1kg I compared the weight and they are very similar. I think it will come down to the taste but they all look tempting!! debate? Random pix.... btw Advan RG II is not better than just RG is it?
  7. J

    They're gonna taste great

    Oh really... do you lot hate this kid as much as I do?! :mad: http://www.weebls-stuff.com/toons/frosty/