1. R

    FS: Pioneer 3200-BT Headunit

    I'm selling my Pioneer 3200BT headunit, Its a fantastic unit but I'm not a fan of the volume rockers and I'm bloody fussy. Still works perfectly and comes with leads and fascia. (does not include microphone, can supply if full asking price is paid) It fits in the S15 dash amazingly flush and...
  2. J

    Speedo and Odo Query

    My speedo is now converted to miles and the odometer now records in miles, but whin i picked the car up the odometer still shows the value in terms of kilometers. Therefore i know what the car had done in km, and anything after this is in miles. Is this common as my FTO's odo had been converted...
  3. S

    How to make the 15 handle like its on rails?

    Hello fellow 15 owners, as i can see from the members spec section i can see a lot of you have quite a bit of handling mods done to your car and i want to know has it significantly improved the handling/control of the car? These are the specific areas i really want to get to know: - which mod...
  4. S

    just on my mind for curiosity...

    S15 turbo + S15 Varietta. what do you think? buy two and change stuff cross over. or just Varietta plus heaps other goodies.. So stupid to think buyiing and doing it in terms of money but at least it looks cool. i'm sure something can be done to back to reshape..