1. S

    Where to get injectors flow tested?

    As I need to get a new exhaust manifold, and possibly get a new turbo or get mine rebuilt, I was thinking I might get some new injectors before getting it mapped. I have no idea what size injectors I have. The previous owner believes they are upgraded, but doesn't know for sure as the car was...
  2. J0R04N

    Garage D 6 Speed S15 Gearbox Strengthening ( Circlip Fix)

    Have final managed to get a price from Garage D and breif details of the modification :) They have tested the strength of the gears and found a few of them to be weak so these are replaced for stronger ones. Also the common circlip problem has been modified using a solid ring to prevent that...
  3. S15AK

    idle over fueling problem

    I've had a problem for a while with my S15, it won't idle when reved. If I give it some gas when idle it will cut out, and it dose smell of petrol so guess its flooding. Driving about is fine, just struggle a little when coming to a stand still as it can cut out. what we have done so far is...
  4. R

    Left hand side indicator not working?? the right one works

    Hi as above, it is not the bulb because i have bought new ones and tested them so whats up? heeelp please :p
  5. Adam L

    FS: Sard 850cc injectors, cleaned and tested.

    I bought these a few months ago but they're now of no use to me as as I've bought a new manifold and top feed fuel rail. They were sent to APT to be cleaned and tested with a receipt to prove and have been un-used since they came back before Xmas. These set me back £300 plus £80 for the...
  6. rudd-o

    Engine Bottom End Rebuild.

    Any suggestions for (forged)Pistons/Rods set for 86.5mm or 87mm for fitting them to OEM Crankshaft I wanted the Tomei set but i dont have such money now... and im looking for something cheaper but tested.
  7. W

    VVT Fuse On Spec R (1999)

    Where abouts is this fuse in the driver footwell? Just need to double check to make sure my VVT is working ok as my boost builds too slow until 4.7k. Already checked for boost leaks, cleaned the AFM, tested with Lambda disabled, replaced actuator with a HKS one, tried with EBC off, etc.
  8. Nicely

    Engine Oils

    There is a lot of speculation and argument over which is the best oil and how frequently should you change it. The SXOC have been conducting tests on oil analysis for the past year. Samples have been taken of a variety of different oils after changes and send off to the analysis lab which Ford...