1. K

    Fuel injector cleaning and testing

    Could anyone know or recommend any company which does fuel injector cleaning and testing please? Thank you
  2. FaberNZ.blaaack-S15

    GOPRO footage S15

    got a gopro done a bit of testing with it check out the vid href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h091FENKViw">
  3. S


    Steve Sadler here from... well most of you in UK & Ireland know who I am, mainly on DW but I thought id introduce myself anyhow Just considering stepping up one of my 3 Nissans (the 14a) up to a S15 and importing one over if I cant find what I want here Im looking ideally for a BONE STOCK...
  4. D


    well, old brakes were warped, and in desperate need of a swap. so, what better excuse could ever been had to upgrade??? Before: After: Not really given them a testing yet, bedding in and all... :)
  5. P

    FS: s15 wmic , poss seats and steering wheel

    s15 wmic good condition. removed for front mount. cheap quick easy upgrade @ ?65 ono + postage. also testing the water on s15 front seats in great condition, no marks rips or burns etc. if i get a good price, ill go ahead and buy some bride seats, so buyer would have to be patient for these to...