1. TriniGT

    Thermo fans or clutch fan

    Which is better to use? I am contemplating using a pair of thermo fans on my S14.5 RB26 project as space will be a restriction and I really don't want to cut into the upper radiator support to recess the aluminum radiator to give way for the clutch fan. What are your opinions?
  2. P

    Changing Thermo fans

    Has anyone changed the thermo fan on their S15? I've seen a few that have just removed the standard fan and shroud and replaced them with two thermo fans. The main reason being the fmic reducing flowto the radiator. It also gives you about 300cubic feet :p more space in the engine bay. Just...
  3. Yakozan

    Fitting a thermo to the oil cooler lines?

    I have a oil cooler with filter relocation siting in the garage waiting to get in. But I've recently heard from a Skyline GTR owner with the same kit that he saw way to low oil temp with the cooler on. So now I've decided to fit a thermostat. The setup I'm looking at is something like this...