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    where to get Head gasket + head bolts

    I think my head gasket is leaking oil. Does anyone know where to get a standard gasket + bolts or which aftermarket one is best, I hear metal ones aren't good. or theres that Cosworth multi layer one, but its got many options 87mm bore, 1.1,1.5,1.8 thickness & 90mm bore 1.1,1.5 thickness...
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    Thickness of gaskets and weight of bride seat

    Does the thickness of gasket matter for Throttle body? also for any exhaust related pipe connection as well as turbo etc? Also how heavy is the bride reclinable seat or any aftermarket and the rail? I think the factory is 11kg including rail.
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    head gasket, what thickness

    hey all, i'll be putting all my stckpile of parts in soon (cams, disco potato, 740's, RAS, n lotsa boost :D) i just need to know stock head gasket thickness, and what is the best thickness for aftermarket, probly tomei. its used as a semi daily so i dont want to loose too much throttle...
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    Anybody Used Crossed Drilled Rotors?

    Hi All, I have 2 questions. 1) Does S14 & S15 carry same front brake rotor dimensions? 280mm diameter, 30mm thickness? 2) Has anybody tried out crossed drilled & slotted rotors? Are they more durable?
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    Will these rotors fit stock rims etc.

    Will these brake rotors from an R34 GTR Skyline fit the standard S15 hub and have clearance with the standard rims See page 6 of 19. Specs as follows: S15 DBA Series 4000 rotors Diameter 280mm, Original Height...