1. G


    hey guys i recently bought an autech and it seems to have a bit of a ticking noise coming from the engine and i cant figure out what it is. any ideas?
  2. J

    Help please !

    Hello I hope that I could get some help, My s15 started getting hot it got to nearly red slight steam from rad but reserve bottle was boiling. I had to put 2 litres of water in it after but oil seems to be at same Level so don't think its mixing, it seem to have pressure in rad and the top of...
  3. tooley

    Ticking noise!!! help vid included.

    Bloody SR has a new ticking noise i know they are loud engines but this is odd. Its done 70k could it be the hydraulic lifters? need bleeding maybe? Boost solinoid? Injectors? Turbo gasket? Any thoughts? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SPv2mSOPOUU
  4. A


    hi , just wondering if the s15 VTC makes a ticking noise at low RPM underload??
  5. B

    Ticking Noise

    Right so since i got the car every now and then the car makes a ticking noise when idling, then when you put it in gear and goto drive it for a slight second it sounds like its crunching like its not in gear. it sounds like its coming from the head somewhere? anyone had this problem before?
  6. P

    ticking sound on boost

    hi, sorry for posting this but i have been looking/searching deep inside the forum and cant find one solution regarding to my finding. hope somebody can guide me to solve the problem or give me certain guideline before i send my car to the mechanic. currently im driving s15 spec r JDM with...
  7. J

    oil pressure question??

    fitted a oil pressure gauge recently to the car and was wondering what psi should it be when ticking over and reved at 6000rpm lets say??
  8. P

    Got my S15 today

    After what seemed to be the longest week ever. I finally got my S15 today, Wow is all i can say. This thing is so quick. Currently on 1 bar boost and it feels plenty. Around 300-310hp from what I've been told. Boost comes in quick, no lag and strong. Wide power band from around 4k to 6.5k...