1. S15_SAM

    Lambda issue, boost question, and interior heater questions? Need comparisons

    Hey guys a few issues! Firstly- for my mot I had to put a new lamda sensor in as it had failed, it instantly solved the problem, and made the car run smoothly, less thana month later it feels like it's gone again. Basically when it was running well it wouldn't pop and bang all the time but it...
  2. J

    nearly an S15 owner

    het guys, iv jus put a deposit on a 2001 Spec R S15 in gumetal grey last nite. iv always wanted 1 an iv hav 2 sell an AE86 and a peugeot 306 to cum up with the funds 2 buy it. :nod: iv still the AE86 to sell and the fella who has the S15 has sed he will wait til i get it sold which i thought was...
  3. R


    Not an S15 owner.....yet. Been thinking about getting a 14a for a while til I stumbled across an S15 on ebay about 6 months back and straight away fell in love with them. Am planning on getting one this time next year and have started saving. I currently own an almera gti (i know, FWD and no...