1. S


    I have been looking through the forum but can’t find an exact answer. I would like to keep metal wings and rear arches standard with no roll or a tiny bit. In 17” what’s the best offsets and j for front a rear? Thanks in advance guys 👍
  2. tooley

    FS: Sparco FIA Bucket Seat Good Nick

    Still got this for sale it's just sitting in the spare room. Any takers £100 good condition one tiny tare. Located in coventry
  3. L

    Boost Gauge Bulb Help

    Hi all, In desperate need of a new bulb for the stock Spec-R boost gauge, fixed my dash lights last night, got the boost gauge out to find it has a tiny tiny bulb in :( Anyone know where i can get a bulb for this? What size is the gauge aswell?
  4. JaseYpk

    "Losing" Coolant?

    Erm, yeah strange one. sometimes my car empties the coolant reservoir in a day, and sometimes it doesnt. Cant determine when and how either. Its gone through litres and litres, but i cant see any leaks or puddles? only thing i can think of is that when i'm driving and the system is under...
  5. A

    Gear stick wobble

    Hey all, Another strange question. But do your gearsticks wobble.... say.... you put it in nuetral and switch the engine off.... then just as the engine dies.. the stick wobbles abit. When the car is movign tho and in gear.... it only moves a tiny tiny bit..... how do you stop it from moving...