1. V

    Exhaust system, will manifold restrict?

    Hi guys, My car has got an Apexi exhaust straight through from the manifold, but the manifold is still standard. Will it be causing any restrictions? Ta! Tom
  2. V

    Are these genuine HIDs?

    Genuine HID ballast/swapping back to standard Morning all, Can someone let me know if these look genuine? The HID ballast on them looks completely different to the ones that came off mine. This is one of the ballast units taken off my HID Thanks, Tom
  3. V

    Does anyone know what BOV this is?

    Huge long shot I know... This is how I would want mine to sound if/when I get one. Does anyone know which it is? Lots of love, Tom
  4. sliding-r

    Japspeed intercooker kit? what are they like wats peoples views on these kits, i was going to get a apex performance one but they havent got a group buy and these are ready to go out i think. Cheers, Tom
  5. sliding-r

    S15 Workshop Manual

    thought a few people might find this useful, i have just downloaded it and seems lik it will become very useful. Cheers, Tom
  6. sliding-r

    Stock Front Bumper Question

    hi, what does the two middle black button clips attach too see picture- these two pictured? is it a piece of plastic or? this is a pic i found online mine only attaches one each side of these and has the holes to...
  7. C1TPT

    What are my wheels worth?

    Hi guys, Im thinking about swapping or selling my wheels and just wondered if anyone new about them and what sort of money they are worth, I've heard that they are pretty good wheels and are worth quite alot but I just assumed they were normal wheels.. anyone got a clue? The make is Gewalt...
  8. C1TPT

    Turbo gasket on back order! :(

    Hi guys, I'm trying to get my car sorted but Nissan have put the turbo to manifold gasket on back order and I cant get hold of one for 4 weeks! I've had a search on the net and found one on driftworks: Assuming...
  9. C1TPT


    Hi guys, Well i've finally secured an s15! :D Paid the deposit today, most of you may have seen it, it's from Torque: I got an amazing deal on it! and now i just can't wait to get it!! :D I wish it wasn't xmas so i could have it faster! Got quite...
  10. C

    Bringing another one back from the dead ....

    Hi All, My first post here but I've been lurking for a while :) My lil brother Martin already has a pair of Spec R's One for road & one for drift so when my business partner Tom & myself were given the opportunity to buy a damaged S15, we thought it was about time for a new project so with...
  11. T

    Hi yet another irish s15 owner

    :wave: HI i'm Tom and i have just become part of what seems to be a growing group of irish S15 owners. I bought my 2001 S15 spec-s last week and have enjoyed driving it for every second since!!. So far the spec includes a full Trial GT kit, Apexi induction kit, full Apexi SS exhaust, Apexi...